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Lorena Canals Rug Review

If you know me, you know that I used to be a slight germ-freak. It’s a on going debate with my husband if we should get a dog because of all the hair that they leave in their wake. Having a child is no exception. So have a rug that can be washed is a new must-have in my book. What is absolutely lovely about this rug is I am able to wash it in baby detergent for my sensitive skinned baby. Because of that, he won’t break out when crawling, rolling, or playing on this rug. This rug  ...

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The Gift of Time

This post is sponsored by Jord Watches Since becoming a mama last year, I am more than ever aware of time. I mean I was telling a mama friend at Mom’s group that motherhood is so mental. “What time did he wake up? What time did he eat? What time are we leaving, so we can get back in time for nap?” But my absolute favorite time of the day is when my husband walks through the door. Not just for the extra set of helping hands, but because I choose to spend the rest of my life  ...

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Our New Happy Sleeper + Dockatot review

It’s no new news that we have been on the struggle bus when it comes to sleeping. My son had previously refused any attempts at sleep training we have made. For the first three months I was completely fine with that. We both got the maximum amount of sleep and I never had to leave my bed to nurse him at all. At the risk of sounding like a snob, I didn’t for a second worry about rolling onto him or having him fall out the bed. Yet having him tucked close was a little hard when it  ...

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DIY Orange Holiday Garland

You guys, Christmas is right around the corner! Our tree is up, the fresh garland is bought and hung with care. But something was missing. What is the holiday season with a few family traditions? My husband and I are still working on bringing all our traditions together, yet this one is a must for me. The smell that fills your house is reason enough to do this project. Every year my grandparents would go to Florida for the winter to escape the east coast winters and around Christmas time  ...

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